Raquette Race

Particle Accelerator Rapid on the Raquette River. Photo: Nick Gottlieb

Stone Valley Section of the Raquette River

Colton, NY
September 2, 2017

The toughest course of the Whitewater King of New York series, the Raquette Race is an individual start, time trial held during the Beaver River Rendezvous.

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RankFirst NameLast NameTimeYearFinishBoat
1EmrickBlanchette05:4220161Liquidlogic Stinger
2PatKeller05:4520162Liquidlogic Stinger
3GeoffCalhoun05:4820163Dagger Green Boat
3GeoffCalhoun05:4820141Dagger Green Boat
5EmrickBlanchette05:5020151Liquidlogic Stinger
6PatKeller05:5120152Liquidlogic Stinger
7CharlesArseneault05:5220153Dagger Green Boat
7CharlesArseneault05:5220142Dagger Green Boat
9FrancoisNadeau05:5320164Jackson Karma Unlimited
10MickaelRoy05:5420165Dagger Green Boat
11BillyThibault05:5520154Dagger Green Boat
12GeoffCalhoun05:5620121Dagger Green Boat
12JaredSeiler05:5620131Dagger Green Boat
14BillyThibault05:5820166Dagger Green Boat
15EmrickBlanchette05:5920143Dagger Green Boat
15IanVan Wingert05:5920167Dagger Green Boat